Liquid makes up 50% of the sugar we consume as a society, and 33% of that sugar is found in soda.  Cutting sugar consumption in beverages is a gigantic step towards healthier habits.  WaterWatch is in partnership with WeTap and seeks to help students create healthy water consumption goals. It is a one-time lesson that can take place as a school assembly or as a classroom presentation.  It covers important topics like:

Water Watch

  • The effect of sugar on health
  • How to discover the amount of sugar in your products
  • The benefits of water on health
  • How to set water drinking goals


Our big goal is to work with schools to ensure that water is accessible to students and help work with them to set positive water drinking habits.

Presentation rates are on a sliding scale to meet the needs of all schools and communities.  Contact ss to sponsor a school to receive this information, donate to this program, or to bring this program to your school.