This fall, SugarWatch will seek to pilot at local schools. This will be a fantastic opportunity to preview our curriculum, see if our mobile farmer’s market will be a part of your school reclaiming health in your community, and hear from your school community through survey and focus groups. If you are located in Los Angeles county we would love to join with you.

Pilot Program
Partner for Healthier Students, Schools, and Communities
SugarWatch is joining a range of schools in Los Angeles County to develop its
school-specific programming. We will work with schools to address the issue of food deserts that have detrimental effects on communities and student academic achievement. Our programming approach includes:

Mobile Farmer's Market
We will set up a mobile market located at a convenient location on your school grounds. This market will feature a variety of affordable fresh produce through Lincoln Spring Farms in Long Beach, CA.

Health Curriculum
We will deliver a curriculum to help families learn nutrition facts, read labels and maximize their purchasing power. The pilot program will feature a class called "Seven Best Practices to Improve Health." Students, families and staff are welcome to join, learn, and provide feedback!

Data Collection
We have developed surveys for parents and focus groups for students, teachers, and parents. We want to learn about the specific issues facing your school community to ensure that our programming is meeting needs and that we are maximizing our ability to promote healthy habits in your school and neighborhood!