SugarWatch provides education and access to individuals and communities to make informed decisions that promote health and wellness.
SugarWatch imagines a world where communities are advocating for greater access to healthy food in their neighborhoods and where the children in these communities have the resources around them to take the best advantage of healthy living.

SugarWatch believes that by empowering:


Individuals with greater access to healthy food and educational
opportunities to prepare healthier meals.


Communities to advocate for greater access to healhty food in their communities, seeking
especially to change the food served at public schools.


The nation to challenge the
processed food industry's
practices and advocate for a healthier way foward




Communities will be able to achieve dynamic health and wellness, and children will be able to take maximum
advantage of the educational opportunities around them. This work will begin in Los Angeles, expand statewide, and eventually empower all communities.

Core Values:


Every individual and community deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy,thriving existence.


Every individual and community should have the education, tools, and resources to make the best decisions impacting health and wellness.


Every individual and community should have information and training around healthy living – especially students whose nutrition directly impacts their ability to learn.

Sense of Possibility

Many profit from the status quo. We know change will be difficult but we will strive to ensure all individuals and communities have access to healthy food and opportunities for advocacy.


We will organize from those communities most affected by food deserts, and schools where students are not provided healthy food options, and work to hear from and amplify the voices of the members of our community.